Hydra Marine Serum

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This serum has an incredibly fresh, melt-in texture that helps to reactivate the skin's natural detoxification process, delivering pure radiance and a unique glow to the complexion.


Burkholderia caribensis extract - Diffuses dermal water throughout epidermis Hyalurophyline/Plant Oligosaccharides/Viola tricolor extracts - Create water reserves in the skin Sève Bleue des Océans - Mineral-rich marine spring water that replenishes the skin and prevents water loss Candida saitoana extract - Boosts natural detoxification of the skin cells Thermous thermophillus extract - Prevents oxidisation of cell proteins

Directions for Use

Apply to the face and neck before moisturising. Use daily. For best results, use with Hydra-Marine 24H Cream or Gel-Cream.